Thursday, 20 April 2017

Calm, Beautiful Planner Layout

The April Brimbles Box was an absolute delight to unbox and take in all of the wonderful stickers and planner pieces that Anna provided. It made it super easy to create a calm, beautiful planner layout that will inspire me during the week.
As always, I have a very short process video available to you here, as well as additional details below:

items used.
Black Sharpie Pen (Fine)

I love the versatility of all the items in this month's box, because not only does it tie in with the Camb's Planner Con (I hope those of you going have a marvellous time!), but it speaks to me about ALL of my interests - from planning to reading and just generally loving very cute things.
Don't forget, when you're planning your layouts - don't worry about what other people are doing, or what's 'on trend'. Your planner/journal/etc are YOUR space. You fill it with things that you love and don't ever doubt your ability to create something that speaks to you. Use as much or as little as you like and celebrate your creativity!

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Have a wonderful week!

Stef xx

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Planner printable stickers and saving money making your own kits


Most people who are into planning or even crafting may own a die cutting machine but even if you do not you can make some planner stickers yourself to save money with just using your printer and a pair of scissors.

I will share with you several sites that you can get free printable stickers and there are also loads on Etsy that can be purchased really reasonable. So that if you want to decorate your planner you can on a budget. Sometimes you just don't want to take the time to create a set of stickers from scratch so these are also nice to get started quicker. I will also link several different places to purchase sticker paper that range in prices and also different materials such as matte, glossy or reposition able.

I know a lot of times purchasing kits are the best way to keep your planner spread cohesive and a lot of the printable sites have multiple sheets where you can print coordinating elements. There are loads more and pretty easy to find on pinterest but these are the ones I found to be great sites
First we will talk about printable sites. Here is a list of the ones I have found and like a lot.




3. (she has LOADS and its one of my favorite sites for freebies)




Low Cost Sticker Files

Here is a few of the low cost planner printable and some not all will even include a silhouette file. Most don't but if you are manual cutting with scissors that is not important but for those with silhouette machines it is nice.

1.  (this is a great site! There is also some freebies)

2. (she has some freebies, her sets are beautiful)


Now you will need a color printer but most of us have that and then here is some resources for sticker paper:


I personally shop ONLINELABELS.COM for mine. They have an array of shapes if you want to create your own and have them fit in the templates so you wouldn't even have to use a cutter or scissors but I buy full sheets with no slits in the back either.

I buy the matte reposition-able which are a bit more pricey because they can be removed easily and relocated. They run about $29.95 for 100.
They have matte, glossy, reposition-able and loads of shapes and template software.

They have some matte stickers that are not reposition-able that are a low cost of $12.95 for 100. Shipping runs about $5-6 so this is something I try to avoid but for selling I do go with this site because I want the quality they offer.

Low cost option and a much better way to find free shipping is Amazon. Here is one that offers stickers for 12.00 for 100 and free shipping. STICKERS

If you do not own a die cutting machine but would like to buy one and want to get in as cheaply as possible and you really just want to cut stickers I would suggest the Silhouette portrait. I am in the US so these links will all be US companies but most offer international shipping,  this site offers a lot of bundles as well which is nice to get some extra's with your machine.

Portrait: Swing Design offers a lot of bundles start at $145 and up depending on what bundle and of course what is most important to you in your bundle. Your limited to nothing bigger than 9" wide to fit in this machine but it is perfect for doing stickers.

Cameo 2: This one you can go up to 12" wide on materials but that is really the only difference. They cut the same. I use this one because I do a lot of paperclips and in mass quantities so utilizing the 12" paper gives me more items on a page. $199 & up

Cameo 3: This is the newest machine in the Silhouette arsenal and the basic difference is this machine can hold two tools at one time. The blade is also self adjusting (the first tool anyway) and there is a bit more storage for tools. Unfortunately when they made this they made no improvements in the materials it can cut, the cutting power and last but most importantly they did not improve on the noise the machines make! That would have been a big improvement. Price point $269

Cricut Air 2- This is the newest machine in the cricut lineup. They still sell the Cricut Air, and the Explore. Both the original Cricut air and Cricut Air 2 have bluetooth. Both hold two tools but the second tool is just for markers or a scoring tool. I never tried a second blade, I wonder if that would work? The cricut explore is the oldest and doesn't have bluetooth or the ability to hold two tools at one time. The cricut has a far better design as far as looks go, its seems like a much more sturdy machine, it is not loud at all and number one for me is it cuts excellent. It cuts way better than a silhouette although silhouette remains the most popular I believe with people running shops. The downfall to this machine is the software is very basic and for a lot of people it may work but for people running a shop and wanting more abilities to design it is lacking. The second con to the machine is that the software is totally an online program so you are a slave to the internet, a slave to the speed of the site and you can't work with it if you do not have internet because even though there is a port to insert cartridges it is merely for syncing the cartridge to your account. you cannot use the machine as a stand alone anymore even with cartridges like the old days. Price point is $249-299

Hopefully this helps in your decision making if you are looking to buy a machine.

Once you get familiar with the sizing of the items and what you use a lot maybe you will want to customize some for yourself you can do this with several common programs that you probably have on your computer. Go wild and make some of your own once you have some time. That is one of my goals. But at least when we don't have time we have plenty of free or reasonable options to jazz up our planners.

Now here is a spread I made with goodies from the Brimbles Box. I hope you grabbed yourself a Brimbles box. This one was equally as cute as always. I loved these lady bugs. I just am getting started for a few weeks down the road so it is not at all close to finished. I also will show you another Travelers notebook pocket folder I made. I am obsessed with these!

march brimbles 2

It's taken me a while to write this post. Strange way to start a blog I know but hear me out. It's a positive statement.

It's taken me a while because every time I thought I'd finished and was ready to write, I'd create something else!

It's so easy to play with the Brimbles kits. I find I mix and match with previous kits all the time. I used to scatter kits into my craft stash but recently I've been trying to gather them back together. Mainly because it's nice to have them and as mentioned I find it easy to mix them.
So before I show what I've been up to...

* welcome card with artwork
* 12x12 scrapbook paper (4 sheets, 2 of each design double sided)
* washi tape
* stamps
* page flags
* planner stickers
* decorative stickers
* journal cards (as 12x12 paper)
* ephemera

First of all, I want to say how much I loved the mixed media print that appeared throughout this kit. It's so beautiful! I love cosmic style artwork. My favourite element of this kit was the 12x12 papers. When Anna showed us the sneak peeks I couldn't wait to get my hands on them! Then I was hoarding, having a precious moment scared to use them, THEN as I had to write a blog, got over it and...sliced up the papers!

I now want more to replace them!

The first thing I did with the kit was create an art journal layout. I have water colour pastels from Hobbycraft and knew these would be perfect for creating a background. I prep the page with white gesso and once dried, draw and smudge the pastels over it.

march brimbles 1

The page itself has a mixture of blue, purple and pink. I love how they blend together. I dedicated the page to creativity and dreams.

march brimbles 4

I loved using all elements of the kit on this page. I used the large page flags as a header for a section, it stands out lovely against the pink scrapbook paper.

I created pockets again, I love a pocket! It holds the journal cards that came with the kit (as a 12 x 12). I've loved blending the scrapbook paper and journal cards with the stamps, they look so cute! There was a jar design stamp with this kit, there's something about jars in artwork that I love. It will be used over and over in my art journals.

march brimbles 5 new

I also love the washi in this kit. I know the boxes varied with washi, my kit had green washi with gold lettering. I wouldn't have paired it with the kit but it actually works really well. I like how it stands out against the darker colours. It's now one of my favourite washi tapes!

march brimbles 3

I then had bits and pieces I wanted to play with. My art journal pictured above is an A5 journal from Paperchase. I also have another in A6. This lives in my A6 traveller's notebook and has become a mini art journal. It was originally bought as a planner but it wasn't being used. So I decided to change it to a portable art journal.

march brimbles 6

I had a spare bit of scrapbook paper left over and just happened to place it across a double page spread in the A6. I loved how it looked so decided to stick it in as a background. I then secured the edges with the washi. I decided to use a different set of stamps on this page, I recently got a set of fairytale stamps from a craft magazine and wanted to use these. At the moment the page is minimal, I'm waiting to see if I want to do any more with it.

march brimbles 7

march brimbles 8

Lastly (for now anyway, I still have plenty to use!), I created some shaker pockets. These were done using a smaller cut out pocket from a simple stories insert. I then glued some journal cards back to back, one from the kit, one from a Project Life pack from Anna's shop. I then glued ephemera onto the design, popped in the sequins from the February kit along with some smaller ephemera and stapled it closed. I don't have a fuse tool...yet... and it's a pain to lug out the sewing machine. For now, I'm happy with staples :)


So that's everything I have created so far with the March kit, I have LOVED using it.
Thank you for stopping by,


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Friday, 31 March 2017

Out of this world planner

This month's space-themed Brimbles Box put such a big smile on my face. When I filmed my unboxing video earlier in the month, I was just so excited to open up the goodies in the box because the theme and the colours and patterns just speak to me.

From the moment I looked at all the goodies I was already formulating the first (of many, I assure you) space-themed projects that I could use this kit for. (Also, plotting how many of the pink galaxy papers I need to order so I never run out of them!)

Aside from one sticker (a weekend banner from PopMixDesigns) everything in this layout comes from the Brimbles Box, and it was so fun to play with the colours in this box. The blues and pinks were off-set by the yellows.

I also use a Sharpie Fine pen to add my border/divider details.

Items used: Stickers,, Stamps

As always, I'd love to chat to you about planners and crafting. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram.

Happy planning!
Stef xx

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mind over Matter

Most days I have great ideas, loads of "to do's" that I plan to do but I ultimately fail at getting them done. I am forever saying to my husband "tomorrow I want to organize my drawers" 'this weekend I need to clean out my closet" but guess what...those days come and go without results. 

My problem is as long as I say it out loud it doesn't mean anything. I would say I am a bit of a type A person but since retiring I am a bit more relaxed about things. The problem for me lies in the fact that because I am type A and I don't accomplish these random things in my head they continue to bog up my head. A person like me that don't accomplish these goals will just go nuts at some point ha ha, cause we haven't done the things we said we were going to do. 

So I am constantly nagged in my brain of all the task uncompleted. SO for me I have to rely on "to do" list and PLAN the items in my planner. Seeing them on paper makes them a permanent task that if I do not get the chance to mark off will drive me insane. Plus its goals for the day and I always try hard to complete what I have given myself to do.

So if you are remotely like this I suggest writing down a "to do" list and then taking your planner and spreading the task out and designate them for particular days throughout the week. Therefore not bogging yourself down but giving yourself a realistic goal that you know you can meet. It will make you feel so accomplished. I know I felt defeated if I talked these task out loud and didn't get them done. 

Something about pen to paper does it for me. It makes it real and then therefore I personally set a goal for myself and make it happen. Try it sometime you will see it does make a difference. I own multiple planners so I try to designate one for my shop things and then use one for my everyday home life. You can also cross post them so that each planner is sync'd so if you do not open the other up you still have an idea of what you need to accomplish. 

Everyone has a particular system. Make your system work for you but I am telling you most people who enjoy planners are probably people who are very much like me. I personally feel I am much more disciplined using a planner. Maybe I don't need 10 of them but I switch off depending on what colors I feel are going to make me happy for a while. 

I hope this little ramble will help you get a system that works for you. We are all not perfect but we strive to make our life easier and productive and when planners came into my life I am much more focused. This post will be on Mrsbrimbles blog so please visit her blog, check out her shop!

Happy Planning!

I wanted to share some really cute items from the March Brimbles box with you. I wasn't sure I would love the space theme because I just don't have small children around or anything but I have to say it was one of my absolutely favorites!! I LOVED these stickers and ephemera! I am sad I used all the stickers!!!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Planets and Unicorns


They go perfectly together in my world. Go jump on your unicorn and fly through the pastel Galaxy filled with friendly planets and happy stars! Capture your favorite things in your glass jars and collect little fluffy clouds along the way. This is how your weeks fly by and don't forget to write down your favorite quotes and wishes
Just breathe and enjoy this month's Galaxy themed box because... remember... there is always room for more ideas and inspirational things to do.

For example, for the first time I took a 12 x 12 piece of Galaxy scrapbook paper and challenged myself to cut out a Unicorn head from scratch. (without drawing it first.) This is like drawing without using an eraser. You will surprise yourself!! Your brain designs the shape and your hands will create it.

There is plenty of scrapbook paper in every single Brimble's box so don't be afraid to make mistakes. And I tell you what! Most of the time you get beautiful ideas by making "mistakes". That's why I call them "Happy accidents"

If you're interested in Unicorns and how to draw and paint them, this is definitely something for…/unicorn-magic-draw-paint-unicorns

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Travelers Notebook Journal & Vision Board

This month's box went perfectly with a new Travelers notebook I bought! So it seemed only fitting to make the various inserts for it with things from the box. Firstly, I really wanted to make a folder to store stickers, receipts, etc. After cutting it to size and sticking down my chosen ephemera & washi, I covered in it sticky back plastic. I find it's not as thick as acetate and so there is less bulk. Not to mention I love the feel of it.


 Next, I needed a new vision board. So using my chosen card, I cut it to size and stuck on cork board. Now it's all ready for me to start adding everything that inspires me and things I'm believing for.


Here's an example of another vision board I made to give you an idea of how it looks when filled...


I really hope this has inspired you to get creative with your own box! If you would like to know how to subscribe, click HERE! Thanks so much for stopping by!